Appogee HR: Document Categories

Please note that only users with the Administrator role have access to Document Categories. 

Company documents are organised by Document Categories. Document Categories can be configured by users who have the Admin role from the CONFIGURATION sections of the application.

Document Categories examples: "HR Policies", "Employee Benefits"...

You may find that you have some default Document Categories when you first set up Appogee HR. Please feel free to edit and delete as required as they are just samples demonstrating Appogee HR functionality. 

How to create a new Document Category?

To create a new document category, you will need to do the following:

  • Configuration > Document Categories
  • Click on Create Document Category
  • Enter the main details i.e Name and description
  • Define the Default Company Document Security
  • Save the Document Category.

When you click on create new document category, you will have the option to define the document security

Within this section, you will be able to specify the following:

  1. Allow managers to create documents: If you enable the Managers checkbox, this will mean you are allowing managers to create new company documents under this category
  2. Define the security access for Employees and Managers for documents created under this new category.

There are three different types of security access you can give to users:

  • No Access: The users has no access to the documents
  • Title Only: The users can see the company documents but cannot access them
  • Read Only: The users can access the company documents but cannot make any editable changes.

How to delete a Document Category?

To delete a Document Category, click on the Delete button as shown below:

How do I view and restore deleted document category?

To view deleted document categories, you will need to click on the checkbox labelled Show Deleted Categories, this will reveal deleted categories which are shaded in red as shown below:

If you wish to restore a deleted document category, then please click on the restore button as shown above.


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