Appogee HR: Employee Profiles

An Appogee HR Employee Profile defines the data about an Employee. This includes all Profile Fields and Employee Records associated with that Employee. Each Employee, regardless of whether they have self service access or a login will have their own Employee Profile.

A Profile Field is a data item related to an employee. Appogee HR allows for the customization of Profile Fields from the Field Configuration page (requires the Admin role).

Profile Fields can be set as mandatory (required) items. Mandatory fields are not enforced on Employee Profile creation but are enforced on Employee Profile edit.

During configuration you can choose to set Employees to have Self Service access to their own Employee Profiles. This can be done on a field by field basis and different Read/Write/Hidden options can be selected.

Employee Profile Layout

The Employee Profile is split into Profile Categories which can be navigated through the sub menu. Under each of these are the Profile Fields. All can be configured in the Profile Fields Configuration page.

Employees/Managers/HR can amend the fields depending on the access levels set during configuration.





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