Staff cannot see Google Team calendars

For any affected teams, go to the Google Team Calendar page in Appogee Leave and click on the Update ACL button to refresh the access control list. You will also need to check the following:

  1. The Google Team Calendar in Appogee Leave has the correct Access Settings
  2. If your Google Apps domain has multiple domains, turn off the Allow others in the domain to manually subscribe to this calendar? option in the Google Team Calendar Access Settings options as sharing in multiple domains is not supported by the Google Calendar API. 
  3. The users are able to view the Google Team Calendar they have been given access to as per 1. above
  4. An Appogee Leave administrator can check for errors in the Error Logs.
  5. The users are looking at the right place in Google Calendar for the Appogee Leave generated calendar (non owners should look under Other Calendars while owners under My Calendars)
  6. The owner of the Google Team Calendar as shown in the Main Details tab can see the calendars in Google Calendar
  7. The owner of the calendars has not changed the sharing settings in Google Calendar. Any changes they make to the calendar overrides any settings made by Appogee Leave
  8. There are no other Google Apps applications or global settings manipulating the Appogee Leave calendars
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