When do accruals take place?

Accruals in Appogee Leave take place on the next scheduled day and accruals from the past are currently not supported. 

There are 4 schedules available:

  1. Weekly: select a day in the week (Mon-Fri). For example if Friday is selected, every Friday an accrual will occur starting at the next Friday.

  2. Fortnightly (every 2 weeks): select a day of the week (Mon-Fri). For example if Monday is selected, every second Monday there will be an accrual regardless of how many Mondays there are in the month. The leave start month determines when the fortnightly accrual begins. For example, if the leave start month is January, and you have a fortnightly accrual for Tuesday, the next Tuesday becomes the first day of accrual and the following accrual is 2 weeks after that and so on. For 2014, this would have been 7th Jan.

  3. Monthly: select a day in month (1st - 28th). For example if the 28th is selected, an accrual will occur on the 28th of every month starting at the next 28th. 

  4. Twice a Month: select 2 dates (1st to 28th). For example, if the 1st & 14th are selected, an accrual will occur on the 1st & 14th of every month, starting at whichever comes next (1st or 14th).

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