Appogee Leave: Getting Started

When you have completed setting up Appogee Leave, you might want to delegate setup to another user by making them an Administrator or an HR admin. You will then need to configure the app to your organisational policies. This is an introduction to Appogee Leave configuration and reference to all configuration settings and links to their Help Articles.

Introduction - the 3 building blocks of Appogee Leave

Appogee Leave requires Users, Team Profiles & Employment Profiles to be set up at a minimum.

If you have just completed initial setup you will have a default User, a default Team Profile and a default Employment Profile to begin with.

If you are a new HR Admin/Administrator you will see Users, Team Profiles and Employment Profiles while exploring your HR ADMIN dashboard.

You may want to modify these as described below:

1. Users (accessible to HR Admins & Administrators only) 

  • You will need to register and activate users 
  • Please note that users and their data cannot be deleted from the system unless the administrators request a total deletion of the entire company account
  • Additionally, you can assign roles,  modify user profiles and deactivate users

 2. Team Profiles (accessible to HR Admins & Administrators only) 

 3. Employment Profiles (accessible to HR Admins & Administrators only)


Additional Configuration

 1. Virtual Teams (accessible to HR Admins & Administrators only)

  •  You can group users across different teams with shared calendar and approval settings in virtual teams.

 2. Google Team Calendars (available for Google Apps domains only & accessible to their respective HR Admins & Administrators only)


Supporting Configuration

1. AOUs (accessible to Administrators only)

  • Delegate administration by segmenting Appogee Leave into smaller organizational units if you have a large organisation via Absence Organisation Units.


2. Public Holidays (accessible to Administrators only)

  • Configure non working days that affect groups of users or individual users in Public Holidays


3. Leave & Sickness Types (accessible to Administrators only)

  • Track the kinds of Leave & Sickness your employees take.



1. System Settings (accessible to Administrators only)

  • Configure system wide settings, upload your company logo and customize the theme.

2. Email Templates (accessible to Administrators only)

3. Preference Settings (accessible to all user roles)

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