Appogee Leave: Staff User Guide

Access: Logging in to Appogee Leave

This depends on whether you are a Google Apps user or not (check with your administrator if you are unsure).

1. Google Apps user login

Simply use the Google Apps Launcher from Google Apps (e.g. GMail) as shown below (please note that this could change in the future and you can customize the Apps launcher):



2. Non-Google Apps user login

If you have never logged in to your Appogee Leave account, your Welcome Email will contain a link which you should use to access Appogee Leave (contact your administrator if you don't have one). The link will take you to Appogee Leave, where you will be asked to change your password. You can then access Appogee Leave by going to ,where you will enter your email address and password.


Bookmark the link in your browser so that you don't have to remember it. 



Now that you have access to your Appogee Leave system (MY DASHBOARD), you can begin to make leave requests. The screenshot below shows a user's dashboard.

Please note that your administrator determines which of the features below are available to you, therefore your dashboard might not look the same as the one below.




The following links will help you get familiar with using Appogee Leave:

Submitting Requests

Cancelling Requests


Android installation guide


Don't forget to explore the My Requests and Team Calendar tabs:


The My Requests tab shows detailed information about all requests you have submitted.



 The Team Calendar tab shows a calendar view of all leave for members in your team.






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