Appogee Leave: default page, language, date format & daily digest settings

This feature can be accessed by all active users. 

All active users of Appogee Leave can now select which page to be directed to when logging in to Appogee Leave. For managers, this may be the page listing all their pending Approvals, for HR this may be the Reporting pages. You may also change your Language and Date format. 

Start by clicking on Preferences:



You will be taken to the Preferences page where you can change the Date Format, Language or Default landing Page. 



Select your preferred settings from the drop down lists for Date Format, Language and Default Page options. Please note that you will only see the pages you are authorised to view in the drop down list for Default Page.

To create a Daily Digest email that sends you an email notification of leave & sickness days, click on configure:



Select your preferences from the options available. When you are happy with your selections, click the OK button. 



Save your changes using the Save button on the top right. .

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