Appogee Leave: Modifying Leave Requests

This feature can only be accessed by Managers with Edit rights and Administrators. 

Administrators and Team Managers with Edit rights can edit leave requests and sickness reports.

To edit a request, follow these steps:

  1. Open the request dialog
  2. Click the "Edit Request" button
  3. Edit as needed
1.  Opening the request dialog. 
You can open the request in any of the following ways:
  • For pending requests, click on the pending request under the My Approvals tab or after locating it on the Team Calendar tab
  • For pending and approved requests, click on the request after locating it in the Team Calendar tab
  • For your own request, click on the Team Calendar or on your Year At A Glance on your dashboard
  • If you are a team manager or an administrator, find the request using the MANAGEMENT dashboard
When you do any of the above, you should get a request dialog like the one below:


2.  Click on the "Edit Request" button


3.  Edit as needed

     You can now edit the following:

  • Status of the request
  • Leave Type
  • Requested Dates
  • Requested Time
  • Reason for Leave
    You will also have to enter a reason for modifying the request.
After you have made your changes, click on "Save Changes".
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