Appogee Leave: Changing User Security Roles

This feature can only be accessed by HR Admins & Administrators. 

Because HR Admins & Administrators have the ability to manage security roles, there is no difference in the level of authority between the two roles. They can be used to differentiate between admins who are installing the application (Administrators) and those who manage the application (HR Admins).

Appogee Leave allows for four different user roles with access to different dashboards. You can find out more about dashboards and who can access them here

The Administrator and HR Admin roles can be assigned to users by an Administrator. HR Admins only have view access but not edit access. The Manager role is assigned to a user when they are added to a Team Profile/Virtual Team as a Read-only or Edit Manager. Follow these steps to change a user's role:


From the HR ADMIN dashboard, select the Users tab:


Click on the user email belonging to the user whose role you would like to change. You will be take to the user profile:


Select the Security tab:


Check the HR or Administrator checkbox:


Save your settings:

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