Appogee Leave: Creating a Virtual Team

This feature can only be accessed by HR Admins and Administrators. 

Please note that additional steps are required if you want users to have virtual team approvers. Please refer to the Team Profile Learn page for more information.  Virtual Team approvals can only be used in addition to the Team Profile approval workflow.

A virtual team can be created to group users from different teams, such as a cross departmental projects, or a team that is spread out geographically. They can also help with more complex approval flows.

If you are an HR Admin or an Administrator, you can select the Virtual Team tab under HR ADMIN as below:


The Virtual Teams tab lists all existing Virtual Teams. From here you can click one to view or edit its configuration.




To create a new Virtual Team Profile, click on the Create button.

In the Main Details tab, give the new Virtual Team a name. Optionally provide a description in the Comments/Notes section. Virtual Team Profiles do not require any other settings to be created, so at the bare minimum provide a name and Save it and then add employees using the Matrix Management tool




Virtual Team Calendar access is defined under the Calendar Config tab:



To configure Approvers, click on the relevant Settings tab (Leave Settings, Sickness Settings or TOIL Settings):



 Enter the email address of who should be notified of the requests/reports and Add the list of Approvers. You can copy your Approval settings to another tab using Copy From  and also have Alternate Approvers in Virtual Teams:



Add other Team Managers in the Team Managers tab. All approvers will be automatically added as Managers:



When you are happy with the configuration, click on the Save button. You can then add employees to the Virtual Team Profile. 

See this learn article on how to add a virtual team approval flow to your team profile. 

See this learn article on how to add employees to your new Virtual Team. 

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