Appogee Leave: Email templates

This feature can only be accessed by Administrators. 

Notification emails can be customised via the Email Templates page. Administrators can access them via CONFIGURATION -> Email Templates as shown:




A list of Email Templates is shown. The IRD column shows whether the template includes request details. 



To edit an Email Template, click it's Name. In this article, we will focus on the Leave Cancellation Approved Email Template:





The Placeholders available for the Email Template can be used to inject data into the template as required. 





The subject and body of the Email Template can be edited. HTML tags are used to format the email. If the Include Request Detail? option is selected, the Start Date, End Date, Reason, Leave/Sick Type and Remaining Allowance will be appended to the email. This corresponds with the IRD column in Email Templates list. Use the Preview to see what the email will look like. 





When you are happy with the changes, Save your email template. 









The Preview section allows you to see what the email will look like. 


Please note that you cannot 

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