Appogee Leave: Configuring Leave Types

This feature can only be accessed by Administrators. 

You may want to keep track of what kinds of Leave your employees take. You can configure different Leave Types so that when employees are making user requests they can select the appropriate Leave Type. Leave Types are also required when creating Multiple/Custom Allowances

Under CONFIGURATION, click on the Leave Types tab where you can create and delete Leave Types. You can also add Appogee Leave default leave types.



To import Appogee Leave default Leave Types, click on the Add Defaults button.



To create your own Leave Type, click on the Create button. 



You will be taken to the New Leave Type page. 

Enter the name, comments (optional) and select an icon.

Select Yes if the leave type is to be deducted from the allowance in the Deducted Leave? option (these will then appear in the list for Custom allowances in Employment Profiles). When a user makes a request for this leave type, it will make a deduction from their Annual Allowance or from a Custom Allowance if one is set up for this leave type. Please see this article for information on how to create Custom Allowances. 

You can also optionally enter what detail users should enter when making a request of this leave type in the Request Detail field. This should be kept short and in a single line as it is displayed in the Request Dialog. Large amounts of text would not be able to fit. 

When you are done click on the Save button. 



To delete a Leave Type, check the box next to it in the list and click on the Delete button. You will be asked to confirm. 



To edit an existing Leave Type, simply click on it's name and you will be taken to its the configuration page. Do not forget to click on Save when you are satisfied with your edits.

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