Appogee Leave: Configuration

This feature can only be accessed by Administrators. 

An Appogee Leave administrator can now change the look of Appogee Leave for your domain as follows:




Click on Customization.


The Customize tab allows you to do the following:

- Upload a Company Logo that is shown on the top right of the page. 

-The colours that Appogee Leave uses. 



A Theme is a pre-configured colour schemes. If you do not find a theme in a colour you want, you should use the Custom theme so that you can select your own colours for the background, text and active text.

Active Text Colour refers to text in the tabs. If you change this to the same colour as the background you will not be able to see the tab headings. 

Text Colour refers to the colour of page title

Appogee Leave only accepts HEX codes. Read more about them here

Make your selections and upload your logo:


Click on the Save button when you are happy with your settings:



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