Appogee HR: Setting Up Teams

Please note that you can only make these changes as a HR manager

A Team is a collection of Employees. Each Team must have 1 Primary Manager, and can also have Secondary Managers.  In most cases a Team will have a Parent Team used to form an organizational hierarchy.

Employees can see who else is in their Team, and who their Manager is but they will not have access to employee details unless they have the Manager role for that Team or they have the HR role.

Team Managers can access information about the members of that team, and any Team below it in the hierarchy.  They cannot set up or configure teams themselves - that is restricted to anyone with the HR role.  

Each Team has a Team Profile which can be accessed by anyone with the HR role from the Employee Directory by clicking on the Team name.  

Appogee HR customers begin creating Teams during the Setup process.  

Additional Teams will probably be created when users are imported in batch mode by importing a CSV file of users which have Team names specified, Teams which do not already exist will be created.  Note that you can use the CSV upload process not only for initial set up but also for batch updates to details, including moving Employees between Teams.  If you do this, take care when selecting the import option check boxes to ensure you do not end up with duplicated data.

 Teams can also be created individually by using the New Team button.

When creating a new Team or updating the content of an existing Team, a tabbed interface will open providing access to 3 sets of information   

 Main Details allows a Team name to be updated, and this change will be shown on each Employee profile that is a member of that Team.   The Parent Team setting controls the display of the organization structure in the Org Chart view.  The HR Manager setting for the Team profile controls notifications in Checklists and Actions where the HR role is referenced concerning a Team member.


Each Team must have one Primary Manager who is assigned Checklists and Actions associated with the team.  Any other Managers for the Team will have access to Employee Profiles and Employee Records for the members of that Team.  

Editor Managers have the ability to update content for Team Members, Reader Managers have the ability to view content for Team Members.  Adding Managers to a Team Profile is commonly used where matrix style management means more than one Manager needs access to Employee information.  



Appogee HR will not permit the creation of a circular organization chart where one Team reports to another Team which directly or indirectly reports to the first team since that breaks the hierarchy.  

You can only Delete a Team that contains no members.

Teams also exist in Appogee Leave, and additionally provide control over the approval process for absence requests.  More details of this can be found here.

If you are using Appogee HR with Appogee Leave, the creation, deletion, access roles and membership of Teams must always be controlled in Appogee HR.

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    Simon Mackay

    Add Teams, assign Managers and Members and review current Teams.

    How do we remove teams?

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    You can use the Delete button at the top right to remove a team.