What is an unpublished team?

An Unpublished Team profile is a Team Profile that has been saved as a draft. 

Saving a Team Profile as a draft allows you to save without completing the otherwise mandatory fields. The only mandatory field is the name of the team profile.

Any users added will not be able to log in until the team is Published and they are assigned an Employment Profile. 

When you have completed the Team Profile, you can click the Publish button to publish it thereby allowing the members to log in and use the system. 

When a Team Profile has been published, it cannot be unpublished again.

Unpublished Teams are useful when setting up users in Appogee Leave. For example:

  • if you do not know all the Team Profile information beforehand 
  • if the team structures are not clear
  • if you are not ready to activate teams

Please note that users in unpublished teams can only be activated by publishing the team.

To save a Team Profile in an Unpublished state, click on the Save As Draft button:



To publish the team when ready, click on the Save & Publish button.



You can choose whether to send the Welcome Email to team members. If you choose not to send the Welcome Email you can do it later from the user's profile as described here. For non-Google Apps users make sure to send them a Welcome Email at some point as it contains their login information. 

The team members will be activated and able to log in when the team is published. 

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