Appogee Leave: First Steps

The Quick Start Wizard

When you first access Leave, you will be taken through a Quick Start Wizard that will help you to get up and running with Appogee Leave.

The Quick Start Wizard takes you through the following process

  1. Create a Team Profile - Team Profiles allow you to configure settings for each functional team in your organisation. Set up who should approve requests.
  2. Add users to the Team Profile 
  3. Create an Employment Profile - Employment Profiles define the working hours and entitlement settings for a group of users.
  4. Activate and configure your users.

Once you have completed the Quick Start Wizard you are free to further customise the system for your organisation via the administration page or jump right in and try the product out. We recommend that you use our Getting Started guide to familiarise yourself with the features available and how you can modify and configure them. 

We also recommend testing the system by adding yourself to a team and making yourself the approver. You can then experience the request/approval process from start to finish. 


Appogee Leave Community

You can ask a question or answer questions asked by others in the community. You can also search through existing questions using the Support link in Appogee Leave or directly in the support website. 

Appogee Leave Knowledge Base

The Knowledge base is always growing and contains articles that will help you get manage and use Appogee Leave. As features are available to specific user roles, the article titles will help you identify if you have sufficient privileges to access the feature. You can search through our knowledge base to quickly find topics of interest using the Support link in Appogee Leave or directly in the support website.

Submit a Support Ticket - If you still need assistance, let us know.

If you experience a major issue that is not covered in the Community Forum or Knowledge Base then let us know by submitting a ticket to our support desk by clicking on the Support link at the top right in Appogee Leave or directly in the support website. We are available Mon-Fri 0900-1730 London time (excluding English public holidays) and will get back to you within one working day. 


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