Appogee Leave: Setting your Out of Office Message

 All Users can set their Out of Office messages from within Appogee Leave when they create a Leave request. if their administrator/HR admins have enabled this feature.


To set your Out of Office message follow these steps:

Click to create a new request and enter the request details. A detailed request submission guide is provided here. You should see an "Auto set GMail out of office?" option as shown below:




You can only set your Out of Office message for a request in the future, if you attempt to create one request in the past you will get the following message:



When you have checked the "Auto set GMail out of office?" option, you can edit the Subject line and Message. You can also use the Import links to import your current Gmail Subject line and Message. 



If you want to restrict the recipients of the Out of Office messages, use the options as shown below:



You can then use the Next button to confirm the details of your request and submit your request for approval. Notice the Out of office section.


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