Appogee Leave: Approving User Requests

This feature can only be accessed by  Managers & Administrators. 

Approving from Email

Approvers receive email notifications when requests are made. Below is a sample email. Click on the link shown to go do directly to the request in Appogee Leave. 



Google Apps users will have the Request Dialog will be opened in Appogee Leave as shown, but non-Google Apps users will have to log in first then they will be redirected to the Request Dialog:




If you instead arrive at your user dashboard (MY DASHBOARD), simply click on the MANAGEMENT dashboard and you will find the requests listed as below. Select the one you wish to approve/decline. 



For Managers, the Request Dialog has 4 tabs which you can make use of to assist you in making an approval decision.

  • The Clashes tab shows requests from other employees you manage that are clashing with this request.
  • The Approval Flow tab shows details of who approves this request and the order of approval.
  • The History tab shows changes to this request.
  • The Request Details tab has the Approval buttons.


To approve the request, click on the Approve button, to reject the request click on the Reject button:



When you click the Approve/Reject buttons, you can enter a comment that will be included in the approval email sent to the requester. Comments are optional for approvals but required for rejections. 



Click on the Approve/Reject button to complete the process:




The Approvals Section

You can also approve/reject requests in the Approvals section. To open the Request Dialog of each request for more information, click on the request area. To Approve or Reject a request, click on the Approve/Reject buttons of the request.




Alternate Approvals

You will see a list of requests that are awaiting approval. If you are an alternate approver, you can see how many pending alternate approvals you have as shown:




To see alternate approvals check the box next to "Show Alternate Approvals" and they will be listed along with your other pending approvals:






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