Appogee Leave: The Management Dashboard

This feature can only be accessed by  Managers & Administrators. 

Click on MANAGEMENT to get to the MANAGEMENT dashboard.


There are 3 tabs found in the MANAGEMENT dashboard:

1. Overview

2. Requests

3. Team Calendar


The Overview tab


The Overview tab shows shows your teams activities at a glance. You can select the team you want to see via the dropdown as shown below:


There are 3 main sections in the Overview tab:

  • Approvals: See a list of requests that are pending approval


  • Who's Off: A week by week view of team members' absences. You can use the arrows to view the next and previous week


  • Current Allowances: Allowances at a glance, you can use the radio buttons to see different allowances and you can toggle between different leave years


  • You can also view a user's Year At A Glance (YAAG) by clicking on the YAAG button as shown below


The Requests tab

You can drill into Requests via the Requests tab. Click on Requests to open. 


You can select the team you want to see or search by email address:




Clicking on an Employee in the list or selecting them from the search box brings up their allowances:



If you can see the Edit icon highlighted below you will be able to edit the employee's allowances as you are a manager with Editor rights. This role is set at the Team Profile level by HR Admins or Administrators. You can learn how to edit allowances here



You can click on the row for any year to view this employee's requests for that year:



Click on a request to see details:



Another important feature in the Requests tab is Backfill which allows you to enter leave request on behalf of employees you manage. These request do not go through the notification workflow and are created as approved. Find out how here.  



The Team Calendar tab

Please note that this feature may be disabled by your administrator. 

Click on Team Calendar to see a calendar view of teams you manage. 



Select the team you want to view from the dropdown:



Toggle between months and list/calendar views. 



 Select the request statuses or sick reports from the Options:




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