Appogee Leave: Backfill - Book Leave on Behalf of Others

This feature can only be accessed by Editor Managers and Administrators. 

Appogee Leave Administrators and Team Managers have the ability to record Leave on behalf of a user. This is called Backfill.

This feature can also be used for recording Historical leave but is not suitable for sickness reports which managers already have the ability to do. If you would like to learn how to submit sickness reports on behalf of others, see this help article

Backfill causes the request to be automatically approved and therefore the request does not go through the approval process and no notifications will be sent.

To access the backfill feature, click on the MANAGEMENT dashboard:



Click on the Requests tab:



Click on the Backfill button as shown below:




You will be directed to the following page where you should enter the employee's email address. 



Click GO.

The Backfill tab on the next page will allow you to enter the request details for this employee.

Please note that the system will not prevent you from entering an amount that exceeds the user's allowance even if they have limits to how much they can exceed. 



There is also a Requests tab which shows requests made by this user. You can use it to check their other requests:



Enter the following details:

  • Leave Type. 

If you are selecting a Deducted Leave type, ensure that you check the box for Deduct from Allowance. You can choose not to, if you wish to override this setting. 



  • Date Range backfill7.png


Half days can be entered by clicking on Advanced Options:



  • Working Days/Hours
  • Reason for Leave



If you want the allowance to be deducted, check Deduct from Allowance. 


When you are satisfied with the details, click Save:


The request will now be created and it will also be automatically approved. This means that it will not go through the approval process and no notifications will be sent.



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