Appogee Leave: Allowance Calculator Tool

This feature can only be accessed by HR Admins and Administrators. 

Each Employment Profile has a Allowance Calculator Tool that allows for the batch editing of employee Allowances.

When to use it

It is particularly useful after changing the entitlement values on an Employment Profile, moving a user to another Employment Profile, or changing a users start date.

Please note that pro-rating of allowances is only available for Annual, Custom & Sickness allowances and not for Accrued allowances. 

The tool is only available to HR Admins and Administrators via the HR ADMIN dashboard, in the Employment Profiles tab. You will need to select the Employment Profile:





Click the Allowance Calculator button



A dialog describing the functionality of the Allowance Calculator will appear. If you are not familiar with this feature, we recommend that you read it. 


Select the Team to which users you want to pro-rate belong. 



Please note that pro-rating of allowances is only available for Annual & Sickness allowances and not for accruals

To pro-rate allowances, select the relevant Pro-rata Formula:

  • None - no pro-rated allowance, i.e. the allowance defined in the Employment Profile will be applied. 
  • Months remaining (excluding current)  - the number of months remaining in the year, excluding the current month
  • Months remaining (including current) - the number of months remaining in the year, including the current month
  • Days remaining - the number of days remaining in the year





You can also have the allowances displayed in days:



For each employee in the Employment Profile, you will see all their allowances for each active leave year. Review the Current and New (ie recalculated) values for each Allowance. The current column shows the current allowances, and the new column shows the proposed new values based on the employment profile.



If a user has a Start Date, the allowance can be pro-rated for the starting allowance year (2014 in this example). Changes are marked in red:



When you are happy with the calculations in red, you can click on the Save link to save for a particular user or you can use the Save All button to save all allowances:




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