Appogee Leave: Creating Google Team Calendars

This feature can only be accessed by HR Admins and Administrators and is only available to customers who have integrated Appogee Leave with their Google Apps domain. To learn how to integrate with your Google Apps domain, please see this article. First, some important notes to help you manage your Google Team Calendars:

Please note that Google Apps can have their requests synced to their personal/primary Google Calendars. You can learn how to turn this on or off here

This article only focuses on the Google Team Calendars. If you want to set up the in-app Team Calendar please see this article.

If you would like to share these calendars with users from other domains or have non-Google Apps users please refer to Google's documentation on how to share calendars with them.

All changes made to any Google Team Calendar will only be applied to events that have not yet been created, changes are not back dated e.g. if you create a new Google Team Calendar, only requests made after the creation of the calendar will be added to the calendar. Retrospective changes are not made.

If you have multiple Google Apps domains, please note that it is not possible to share the calendar with multiple domains using the settings marked with an * below. 

Creating a Google Team Calendar will associate the Google Team Calendar with either a Virtual Team, a Team Profile or All Teams (i.e all users in the domain).

If you wish to delete a Google Team Calendar, please delete it in Appogee Leave first to free up the Team Profile for future calendars. 

A Google Team Calendar will have an owner who is the Google Apps administrator configured in the Integration Settings.


Select Google Team Calendars from the HR ADMIN dashboard.



To create a new Google Team Calendar, click on the Create button. To edit an existing Google Team Calendar select it from the list. 





In the Main Details tab:

  1. If you are creating a new Google Team Calendar:
    1. To create a calendar for a Virtual Team or Team Profile, select an existing Team Profile or Virtual Team
    2. To create a company wide Google Calendar check the All Teams box. This option is only available if you have AOUs disabled.
  2. Modify/Enter a name for the Google Team Calendar, the default is "Leave: Team name"
  3. Optionally enter a description
  4. Select a Timezone and a Calendar Colour


In the Sync Settings tab, select what you want to be displayed in the calendar as described below.



In the Access Settings tab, you should select who should be able to view this Google Team Calendar. This option is not available for an All Teams Google Team Calendar. 

The options are:

  1. Team Managers: The managers of the team associated with this Google Team Calendar will be able to view to this Google Team Calendar
  2. Team Members & Team Managers
  3. All Active Users: All Google Apps users who are Active in Appogee Leave will be able to view this Google Team Calendar



The Allow others in the domain to manually subscribe to this calendar option controls whether other users in the domain can manually subscribe. Follow these steps to allow them to manually subscribe after you have created the Google Team Calendar. 

*Please note that the Allow others in the domain to manually subscribe to this calendar option will not work if you have multiple Google Apps domains as the Google Calendar API does not support this. The calendar owner can turn the option off in Appogee Leave and share the calendar manually within Google Calendar if needed.



When you are done, click on the Save button to save your changes. 


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