Appogee Leave: Activating and Configuring Users

This feature can only be accessed by HR Admins and Administrators. 

For a user to have access to Appogee Leave to make requests and perform other tasks, they have to be activated. Activation is assigning a Published Team Profile and an Employment Profile to them. 

From the HR ADMIN dashboard page, click on the Activate New Users button to see the list of registered users.  If you do not see the users you want to activate you can register them as described in this document. 




Step 1 - Select Users

In the User Activation page you will be able to see all registered users that can be activated. You can Search for a user to activate using the Search box. 

Select the users you want to activate. These users should be of the same Team Profile and the same Employment Profile. 




Click on the Next button to move to step 2. If you need to, you can return to the User Management page by clicking the Back to User Management button. 





Step 2 - Configure Profiles

You would now need to allocate a Team and an Employment profile to the selected users by selecting their Team & Employment Profile. Learn how to Configure Team profiles here. Learn how to Configure Employment profiles here. You can return to the last step using the Previous button. You can return to the User Management page by clicking the Back to User Management button. 


 Click Next


 Step 3 - Configure Allowance

If you wish to pro-rate the users' allowances, you can enter the user's Start Date (i.e. date they started working). Please note that pro-rating of allowances is only available for Annual, Custom & Sickness allowances and not for Accrued allowances. You will need to select a pro-rata formula to calculate their allowances based on their start date. This will pro-rate all allowances the user is entitled to. The formulas are described below the image.




 From the pro-rata formula drop-down list, select how you want allowances to be calculated. The options are:

  1. Employment Profile Default - that is, the allowance amount in that user's Employment Profile will be their entitlement. This means that there will not be a pro-rated entitlement.
  2. Months remaining from user start date - Pro-rated entitlement calculated from the months remaining in the Leave Year.
  3. Months remaining from user start date (inclusive)Pro-rated entitlement calculated from the months remaining in the Leave Year, including the month that they started.
  4. Days remaining from user start date - Pro-rated entitlement calculated from number of days remaining in the Leave Year.

Please note that options 2. to 4. are designed for users who have joined recently rather than users who joined in previous leave years. Should you set up allowance incorrectly, you can edit them using the Allowance Adjustment feature. You can also use the Allowance Calculator Tool if you later on override the pro-rated allowances. 


Appogee Leave sends out a Welcome Email to users when they are activated. You can disable this by unchecking the box. You can send the Welcome Email this later in the use profile as described here. Do not forget to send a Welcome Email to non Google Apps users as the email provides them with login information. 


Verify that the Allowance is in line with your requirements and click the Activate button. Your newly activated users will now be able to use the system.




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