How do I remove /deactivate a user from Appogee Leave?

How this is done depends on if the employee is a manager/approver. Please note that only HR Admins and Administrators have the permissions to do this.

Deactivating a user removes their records from view and removes their access from the system. This is not a deletion of data and data can be retrieved using the Data Export feature.

Users and their data cannot be deleted from the system unless the administrators request a total deletion of the entire company Appogee Leave account. Absence requests can be cancelled and modified while users can be deactivated.


1. If the user is an Editor or Reader Manager/Approver (you can check this by clicking on the Security tab in their user profile):

Please note that you must complete all steps below. Skipping any steps will result in the user not being removed as a manager. 

a) Remove them from the Leave Approval Flow, Sickness Approval Flow and TOIL Approval Flow. This may require replacing them with a new approver if they are the only approver in the Team Profile because a Team Profile must always have an approver. Make sure to check that the Leave Settings, Sickness Settings and TOIL Settings tabs do not have them as an approver. 

b) Remove them from the Managers tab of the Team Profile.

c) Go their user profile and click on the Deactivate button:

2. If the user is NOT a manager/approver:

  • Go their user profile and click on the Options button. Select the Deactivate User option:
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