How do I set up TOIL (Time Off In Lieu)?

Please note that your organisation/country may have a different name for TOIL (e.g. compensation time). TOIL is simply time off given to an employee to compensate for overtime worked and you can change this term in Appogee Leave

This depends on your organisational policies. Most of our customers have two different types of TOIL policies as described below. The two can only be used separately and cannot be combined to work together. As such, please select the one that reflects your company's TOIL policy and configure as described:

1. When an employee requests TOIL, the manager approves it and it is added to their Annual allowance.


2. An employee accrues or builds up TOIL and then takes only as much time off as they have accrued/built up.

  • This is different from Annual Leave and is taken separately from Annual leave.  
  • Employees can only take from what they have accrued.
  • To set this up, you can create a TOIL leave type and a TOIL custom allowance based on this TOIL leave type. Employees are assigned this custom allowance and when they request this leave type, the time taken is taken from this custom allowance and not Annual leave. This custom allowance can be increased by editing by either the HR admins or Administrators. Alternatively, you can create only a TOIL leave type that is non-deductable and does not have a custom allowance and rely on managers approving requests at their own discretion. 
  • IMPORTANT: Please make sure that you have turned off TOIL in the Team Profiles if you do not wish to use the 1st TOIL policy described above. 
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