I have cancelled a leave request but my allowance has not been updated.

"I had a leave request that was approved. I have now cancelled it but my allowance has not had my cancelled dates added back even though the request no longer appears on my dashboard." 


The two instances where an employee can make a cancellation is when the request is Pending for approval or when the request has been Approved:

  1. If the request is still Pending approval, the time requested will be added back to their allowance without any approval needed.
  2. If the request has already been Approved, then the request will have to be approved by their approver(s). At this point, the request's status is 'Cancel Request'.

The work-flow from making a new request to cancellation of an Approved request is as follows: 

  1. User makes a request (Request status is now Pending) 
  2. Approver approves request (Request status is now Approved) 
  3. User's allowance is deducted 
  4. User makes a cancellation (Request is still Approved and is now said to be a Cancel Request) 
  5. Approver approves cancellation (Request is Cancelled)
  6. User's allowance is increased

See  this help page for more details on how to cancel your requests.

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