Appogee Leave: Integrating Office 365

An Appogee Leave Administrator along with an Office 365 Administrator can enable Office 365 data access. 

This would allow for the import of new users into Appogee Leave and the ability for Office 365 users to log in via Single Sign On. 

To enable this data access, follow these steps:

  1. In the Appogee Leave CONFIGURATION dashboard, click on Settings
  2. Click on the Integration Settings tab 
  3. Click on the Office 365 tab
  4. Click on the Enable Office 365 Integration button
  5. Select the relevant option, depending on if you are the Office 365 administrator or not.
  6. If you are the Office 365 administrator:
    • click on the Enable Office 365 Integration button
    • you will be redirected to Office 365, sign in to your account
    • Accept the permissions and you will be redirected to Appogee Leave where you can see your Office 365 Integration Status and the O365 Admin email address. This is also where you can change your Office 365 admin if needed. 
    • and follow the on screen instructions to authorise Appogee Leave
  7. If you are not the Office 365 administrator, enter the email address of your Office 365 administrator and they will receive an email with instructions on how to integrate Appogee Leave with Office 365. 


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