Appogee HR: CSV upload troubleshooting guide

This article supplements the Preparing Your CSV Upload File For Import article and contains quick tips in troubleshooting issues with your upload.

1. Always download a new CSV upload file

2. Check that the column headings are present and are as follows (making sure that the spelling is correct):

  • Email (mandatory)
  • FirstName (mandatory)
  • LastName (mandatory)
  • Team (mandatory)
  • Job Title (mandatory)

3. Check that the dates are the correct format yyyy-mm-dd as below. Depending on your locale and your settings, your CSV editing software may automatically change the date format. If you are unable to fix the format you can use a text editor such as Notepad making sure to save the file in csv format:

4. Check that the file is in CSV format

5. Check that the file is encoded in UTF-8

6. Employment Profiles must already exist in Appogee Leave. They will not be created by the import.
Dates/datetimes should be in the format year-month-day (yyyy-mm-dd), for all date columns.

7. If provided, Employee status (Job Status) must be one of the following: Joining, Active, Leaving, Former. 

If the Employee status is:

  • Joining, the start date must be provided and the start_date value must be a date in the future.
  • Active then if the end date is provided, it must be a date in the future.
  • Leaving the start date and end date must both be provided. The start_date should be in the past and end date should be in the future.
  • Former the start date and end date must both be provided. Both dates must be in the past.

Please also ensure:

  • If both start date and continuous start date are provided, the continuous start date must be before start date
  • If both the start date and end date are provided then start date must be before end date
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