Appogee Leave Office 365 App

What is it?

It is an Office Store Mail app for Microsoft Outlook 2013 and Outlook for Office 365.   


What does it do?

In Appogee Leave when a user posts an absence request it routes to one or more managers for approval.  These approval requests result in an email arriving in the approver’s mailbox.

With this app installed, when a user opens one of these requests they will have the option to process the request within the Outlook mailbox.


What does it look like?

Within the mailbox, only for absence approval request messages, an additional row will appear at the top of the message.  Clicking on it will expand the mail app to reveal details of the request and action controls to process the request from within Outlook.  It will also provide a direct link to open the request in Appogee Leave.

Tabs within the mail app provide even more information without leaving your inbox.  This screen shows the current user’s allowance as a summary of what will appear on their dashboard in Appogee Leave.  This includes the allowance thermometer, and access to a list of their requests and approvals.

User Authentication

This mail app can support single sign on between Appogee Leave and Office 365 when used in conjunction with the Appogee Leave  Azure app.  In this way users can click on a Login with Office 365 icon to access Appogee Leave without using a separate password for Appogee Leave.  It does this through the secure OAuth authentication protocol.


To get this set up, please follow the steps in the following article: How to install the Appogee Leave Office 365 App


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