404 error on logging in with Google Apps Apps Launcher

We have received reports of an issue affecting users who log in via the Google Apps Apps Launcher as described here

On clicking the Appogee Leave icon, a page with a 404 error is displayed. 



Google allows you to log into multiple Google accounts simultaneously, such as your work account and your personal account. When you log into multiple Google accounts simultaneously, the first account that you log into will be used to log into other services. 

What to do if you get a 404

If you are experiencing this issue, it is likely caused by Google trying to log you in with the first account that you logged into Google with. This may be a personal account or any other account that is not associated with the service that you are attempting to log in to such as Appogee Leave. 

To avoid getting this error, you should log out of all Google accounts and then log in with your Appogee Leave associated account first


  1. You can use an incognito/private window to log in to your Appogee Leave associated account.
  2. If you are using Google Chrome you can use the multiple profiles feature.
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