How can I configure Employment Profiles to carry over holiday debt?

An Administrator or HR Admin can configure Carry Over Debt in the relevant Employment Profiles. This will mean that if a user exceeds their allowance in one year, the amount they have exceeded their allowance by will be deducted from their next year's allowance. For example, if a user exceeds their sickness allowance by 5 days, their allocated sickness allowance in the following year will be reduced by 5 days.

To enable this:

  1. In the Employment Profile, go to the Entitlement Settings tab
  2. Under each allowance that you wish to enable this for check the box for Carry Over Debt?.
  3. Enter a maximum amount that the users can exceed their allowance by in the Max Allowance Exceed field. If there is no limit, enter 365.
  4. Save the Employment Profile
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