Appogee HR: Getting Started

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  1. Upgrading From Appogee Leave To Appogee HR
  2. Integrating With Office 365
  3. Integrating With Xero Payroll
  4. Integrating With Google Apps
  5. Configuring The Profile
  6. Employee Profile Configuration
  7. Setting Up Teams
  8. Reporting
  9. Company Documents
  10. Workflow And Checklists
  11. Appogee HR Summary

When you have completed the Quick Start wizard in Appogee HR, you will be able to access the application and modify the configuration depending on your user role. Team Managers & Employees have a separate user guide. 

The following is a checklist of configuration items for each role to get you set up quickly. You can click on your user role to jump to the relevant section. 




Appogee HR
Record Categories Create, edit and organise Record Categories for Employee Records. Set access rights to Record Categories here.
Profile Fields Create, edit and organise the Employee Profile Fields and set access and viewing rights for each.
Document Categories Create, edit and organise Document Categories for Company Documents. Set access rights to Document Categories here.
Settings Configure system settings, upload your company logo and customize the theme.
Appogee Leave

Delegate administration by segmenting Appogee Leave into smaller organizational units

Public Holidays

Configure non working days that affect groups of users

Leave & Sickness Types

Track the kinds of Leave and Sickness your employees take.

System Settings

Configure system wide settings, upload your company logo and customize the theme.

Email Templates

Configure outgoing emails from Appogee Leave




HR Managers


Appogee HR
Employee Directory View your Org Chart, review your Employee Directory and add new Employees.


Add Teams, assign Managers and Members and review current Teams.

Company Documents

Create and organise new Company Document, assign Acknowledgment requests and monitor response.

Workflows and Checklists

Automate Workflows by creating and assigning Checklists with Alerting and Notifications.


Appogee Leave

Register, activate and configure user profiles and roles.

Team Profiles

Create groups of users with common approvers.

Employment Profiles

Configure allowances, working hours and employment conditions for groups of users.

Virtual Teams

Group users across different teams with shared calendar and approval settings.

Google Calendars

Create visibility through shared team Google Calendars



Alternatively to access Getting Started with Appogee Leave, please click here.




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