Appogee Leave: Integrating with Google Apps

This feature can only be accessed by Administrators.

Appogee Leave is designed to integrate with your Google Apps domain to provide the following features:

  • Single Sign On, direct from your Google Apps environment via the Apps Launcher (formerly the More Menu)
  • Importing Users from your domain directly into Appogee Leave
  • Synchronizing Leave and/or Sickness Requests into your users personal Google Calendars, or into specially created Google Team Calendars
  • Automatically setting Out of Office message
In order for this functionality to work, Appogee Leave must be fully installed to your Google Apps domain, with the correct access granted. Only a Google Apps administrator with the permissions to authorise 3rd party applications can grant access, so they will need to be involved in this process.
To install Appogee Leave into your Google Apps domain, follow these steps:
  1. In the CONFIGURATION dashboard, click on Settings and then Integration Settings. Or if you are already logged in click on this link.
  2. In the Google Apps tab, click on Enable Google Apps Integration
  3. If you are a Google Apps super administrator for your domain, select the first option, which will then guide you to install Appogee Leave in your Google Apps domain or check access if you have already installed it. 
  4. If you are not a Google Apps super administrator, select No and enter the email address of your Google Apps administrator. An email will be sent to them with instructions on how to integrate Appogee Leave with Google Apps when you click on Send Email.

To troubleshoot issues with your Google Apps access, please see this article


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