Appogee HR: Integrating with XERO Payroll

Who can integrate?

You can integrate Appogee HR with XERO if you are :

  1. currently using or trialling XERO
  2. your XERO organisation is in the following regions/countries:
    • New Zealand
    • Australia
    • United States
  3. You have enabled Payroll in XERO (please refer to your region's XERO support on how to do this)
  4. You have added employees to XERO Payroll (please refer to your region's XERO support on how to do this)

A XERO user with the role Adviser or Payroll Employee will need to provide the permissions to integrate into Appogee HR.

For regions/countries not in the list above, the XERO integration will be made available soon and administrators will be notified by email.


What Integration is Available?

When Appogee HR is integrated with XERO, you can synchronise employee profiles including XERO Primary Bank Account details to and from XERO and Appogee HR. More Details


How to integrate Appogee HR with XERO:

These features are only available to Appogee HR users with the ADMINISTRATOR role.

A XERO user with a Adviser or Payroll Employee role will also need to use their account to authorise Appogee HR.

Appogee HR can be integrated with one XERO organisation at a time. 

To prepare for XERO integration, you will need to know which fields you would like to synchronise between XERO and HR. See which fields can be synchronised here. You will be able to select which direction the synchronisation should occur. For example you may only want the Job Title to synchronise from Appogee HR to XERO but not the other way round. You will also need to know which users you wish to synchronise.

You can turn off the XERO integration or stop the synchronisation of a specific field at any time. Please note that the synchronisation from XERO to Appogee HR and the two-way synchronisation occurs once a day and only for Employees with sync enabled. The synchronisation from Appogee HR to XERO is immediate.

      1. Log in to a XERO Adviser or Payroll Employee account of the organisation you wish to integrate.
      2. Log in to Appogee HR with an Administrator role and click on CONFIGURATION > Integration
      3. Click on Xero 
      4. In the Xero Integration Settings page, click on the "Connect to XERO" button. This will redirect you to a XERO authorisation page. If you haven't yet, log in with a XERO account that has the Adviser or Payroll Employee role.
      5. Ensure that you have selected the correct organisation that you wish to integrate. 
      6. Click on Authorise.
      7. You will briefly see a confirmation page that Appogee HR has been authorised.
      8. You can now configure the fields that you wish to sync (synchronise) between Appogee HR and XERO:
        1. Ensure that the fields are matching as required. You can select a custom field in the dropdown of each Appogee HR field
        2. Select a Sync Type. The default is Both:
          • Off - No sync in any direction for this field
          • Pull from Xero - syncing of this field only happens from Xero to Appogee HR but never from Appogee HR to Xero. Once a day the
          • Push from HR: syncing of this field only happens from Appogee HR to Xero
          • Both(default) - syncing of this field happens in both directions. If a change is made in Appogee HR it is immediately pushed to Xero. If a change is made in Xero, it is pulled from Xero once every 24 hours.
      9. If you wish to disconnect XERO at this point, you can click on Disconnect from Xero as shown below:
      10. You may or may not have Bank Fields available to sync lower in the page. Ensure these are set up correctly.
      12. If you wish to continue, click on Save and Continue 
      13. You will then be able to Configure your employees to and from XERO in a table like this:
      14. You may see some employees in Appogee HR that are not in XERO and vice versa. In this image, the red box indicates the employees in Appogee HR but not in XERO and the blue box indicates those in XERO but not in Appogee HR. Use the Action buttons on the right to sync users between XERO and Appogee HR:
        1. You may see this dialog if you click on Find an Employee in Xero. This means that Appogee HR cannot find a match for this employee in XERO either because Appogee HR cannot connect to XERO or because the employee does not exist in XERO. Use the buttons to either retry or create the employee in XERO.
          1. If you decide to Create a XERO employee, you will see this dialog. Enter the required information and click on the Create Xero Employee button.
          2. When this employee has been created in XERO you will see a confirmation of the match with the Appogee HR employee. You can also disable the sync using the Cancel Sync button.
        2. You will see this dialog if you click on Create Appogee HR Employee. Make sure that the required data is correct and select the Self Service and Welcome Email options. Click on Create HR Employee and the XERO employee will be created in Appogee HR.  When the employee has been created in Appogee HR, you will see a confirmation of the match as shown below. You can also disable the sync using the Cancel Sync button. 
      15. Click on the Save & Continue button to complete the employee sync settings.
      16. When you have successfully integrated Appogee HR with XERO, you will be redirected to the following integration page. You can make selections as below:
      17. You can return to the integrations setting at any time to make changes by clicking on CONFIGURATION > Integration > Xero
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