How do I find out how much leave/sick has been taken in a specific period?

In some cases you may want to see the parts of requests that fall within a specific date range. For example, you may want to know how many hours leave or sickness have been taken by members of a team you manage from January 1st to January 14th only, for payroll purposes. This would include requests that partially or completely fall within January 1st and January 14th.

To retrieve this information, you can use the Data Export feature. You will need to follow the steps in our Data Export KB article here to export a Leave Requests or Sickness Reports dataset and making sure to select a Date Range. Other datasets do not contain request data.

In the CSV file you will download, there are two relevant columns as below:

  • HoursInRange (column L)
  • ComputedHoursInRange (column M)
  • DaysInRange (column N)

The above columns will specify how much time in that request was taken within that specific period or time. Please note the following important points:

If the Automatically Calculate Working Hours? option is turned on for a request, then the working days are known and only the working days are counted.

If the Automatically Calculate Working Hours? option is turned off for a request, then the working days are not known and the value in these columns will be determined according to which dates fall in the report date range. For example a request spanning Jan 1st to Jan 14th where the number of days requested is 10, and the date range selected is Jan 1st to Jan 5th, then 10/14 days have been taken of a date range of 5 days which is 10/14 x 5 = 3.57 days.

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