Appogee Leave: Integrating with XERO Payroll

This article details the type of integration you can have with XERO and Appogee Leave (please note that this is separate from XERO integration with Appogee HR). Please read the important notes in bold to understand if there are any constraints that may affect you.


Who can integrate?

You can integrate Appogee Leave with XERO if you are :

  1. Currently using or trialling XERO Payroll
  2. Your XERO organisation is in the following regions/countries:
    • Australia ***
  3. You have enabled Payroll in XERO (please refer to your region's XERO support on how to do this)
  4. You have added employees to XERO Payroll (please refer to your region's XERO support on how to do this)

A XERO user with the role Adviser or Payroll Employee will need to provide the permissions to integrate into Appogee Leave.

***For regions/countries not in the list above, the XERO integration will be made available soon and administrators who have opted in to receive update emails will be notified when it is available.


What Integration is Available?

When Appogee Leave is integrated with XERO and users and leave types are synced between the two apps, Approved requests will be synced to XERO.

Cancelled and rejected requests will not be synced as this functionality is not available in the XERO API. Please vote for this functionality to be added to XERO at the following links:

  1. Deletion
  2. Rejection 

As a workaround you can select one of the following sync modes to configure when the sync to XERO will occur:

  • Automatically, when request is approved
  • Automatically, on 1st day of request
  • Manually


How can I integrate Appogee Leave with XERO:

  • These features are only available to Appogee Leave users with the ADMINISTRATOR role.
  • A XERO user with a Adviser or Payroll Employee role will also need to use their account to authorise Appogee Leave.
  • Appogee Leave can be integrated with one XERO organisation at a time. 


How do I prepare for the integration:

To prepare for XERO integration, you will need to know:

  1. Which Leave Types you would like to synchronise between XERO and Appogee Leave. For example, you may want only the Annual Leave leave type to sync into XERO. Or you may want only the PTO and the Child Care requests to be sync to XERO.
  2. Which users are to be synchronised and their names and email addresses used in both XERO and Appogee Leave.

You can turn off the XERO integration or stop the synchronisation of a specific field at any time. 

Integration steps:

  1. Log in to XERO with a XERO Adviser or Payroll Employee account of the organisation you wish to integrate.
  2. Log in to Appogee Leave with an Administrator role and click on CONFIGURATION > Integration
  3. Click on Xero 
  4. In the Xero Integration Settings page, click on the "Connect to XERO" button. This will redirect you to a XERO authorisation page. If you haven't yet, log in with a XERO account that has the Adviser or Payroll Employee role.
  5. Ensure that you have selected the correct organisation that you wish to integrate. 
  6. Click on Authorise.
  7. You will briefly see a confirmation page that Appogee Leave has been authorised and you will be redirected back to Appogee Leave.
  8. You can now configure the Leave Types that you wish to sync (synchronise) between Appogee Leave and XERO:
    • Match at least one XERO leave type with an Appogee Leave type using the dropdown list. You can have several Appogee Leave leave types syncing to a single Xero leave type
  9. Click on Save & Continue.
  10. In the next part of the wizard you can configure Employees. You will need to match active Appogee Leave users with Xero payroll employees. Appogee Leave will attempt a match based on the first and last name or the email address.
    • Click on the Find Employee in Xero button.
    • If a potential match is found you can Confirm this with the Confirm Employee Sync button.
    • A successful match will look like this:
  11. Click on Save & Continue to complete the integration. You will see the following confirmation
  12. Click on the Options tab to select one of the following Sync Modes to configure when the sync to XERO will occur:
    • Automatically, when request is approved (default) - when requests are approved they will be synced to XERO straight away
    • Automatically, on 1st day of request - requests will be synced to XERO on the first day of absence
    • Manually (selecting this will require that you enter a date range of requests that you want to be synced to XERO)
  13. You can return to the integrations settings at any time to make changes by clicking on CONFIGURATION > Integration > Xero
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