Appogee HR: Reporting

Please note: A HR MANAGER can create reports and export profile data from the REPORTING dashboard

To watch an in depth video tutorial on reporting, please click here.


  1. Reportsview sample and existing reports
  2. Report Buildercreate new reports
    1. How to Select Fields
    2. How to Apply Filters
    3. How to Define Sorting
  3. Data Exportexport profile data

1. Reports

Click on Reports to see existing reports. There will initially be some samples already provided that you can use, amend or delete as needed:

All reports created are shared amongst all HR Managers. Therefore all HR Managers can modify and delete existing Reports.

2. Report Builder

Click on Report Builder to create a new Report. Editing an existing request also brings you to the Report Builder.

There are 3 main sections:

  1. Select Fields - Select which fields you wish to report on.
  2. Apply Filters - Apply one or more filter on each of the selected fields.
  3. Define Sorting - Choose the fields you want to sort your report on and for each field, define the type of sorting to apply.

Select Fields 

Select which fields you wish to report on. The fields will be displayed under their relevant category. 

An important note about fields in tables

Some fields belong to a table (ie. the data is composed of other data). An example of this is the Job History table as shown below. All the fields (Job Title, Start Date, End Date, Location & Comments) make up a table of data. It is possible to have several tables in different categories. 

In any report, you can only include fields from one table at a time. 

When you select a field from a table, the following message will appear and you will not be able to select any fields from a different table. You can see this in the example below.

A useful tip

Apply Filters

Apply filters to fields. In the example below we want to retrieve a report with the following filters:

  1. the Last Name does not equal Thomas and also does not equal Johnson
  2. the Job Status in Active.

Define Sorting

Select which fields to sort and the direction of sorting. In the example below we are sorting first by Last Name in Ascending order (A to Z) and then by First Name in Ascending order. 

When you are ready, click on Build Report. Below is an example report.

3. Data Export

  1. In the Data Export tab. Click on Export Profiles on the right.
  2. Select Teams or Select All Teams.
  3. Click OK
  4. You will receive an email with a download link when the data export is complete.
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