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  4. Checklists
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When you first log in to Appogee HR, you will see the Dashboard page. You will be able to see several items at a glance as shown below:

At the top you can see several tabs to features that are available to you.

My Profile

Click on My Profile to see all data pertaining to your Employee Account that you have access to.

In the example below you can see an employee profile. You can click on your profile picture to upload a new one.

There are several Categories configured by your HR MANAGER. Under each category there are sub categories. The sub-category shown below is the Basic Information sub-category found under the Employment category (your categories and sub-categories will be different from these): 



Under each category there are profile fields such as Name, Personal Mobile Number etc. You may be able to edit some of the fields (Remember to save your changes).

Some fields might be shown as a set of asterisks. Their contents can be viewed by clicking on the icon as shown below. These are often used for sensitive information such as bank and salary information.


You may have records uploaded to your employee profile. These are documents/links pertaining to your profile. They are uploaded under a sub category.

You can view a list of records under a sub category:

You can also view a list of all records in the Records category:


Employee Directory

You may not have the Employee Directory if your HR MANAGER has not enabled it for you. If you do have it, you will be able to see different teams in your organisations as well as an Organisation Chart (Org Chart).

Company Documents

These are documents made available to teams and the entire organisation.



A Checklist is a list of items to be performed, and checked off by a (single) specific User to manage a workflow process. In the example below there is a checklist assigned to the user called HR induction checklist:


Completing a checklist

Click on a checklist to complete it. A checklist page will appear as below:


Actions & Notifications

You can view all your actions and notifications here:



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