Appogee HR: How to enable/disable ADUs?

Please note that only Administrators can enable ADUs, but users must have an HR manager role to be able to have the ADU manager role

How to enable ADU’s?
Administrators have access to enable the ADUs form the ADU page found under the configuration landing page (Configuration > ADUs)

When you click onto ADUs, you will see the following screen where you will be able to enable ADUs

When ADUs are first enabled, all Teams and Users will reside in the root ADU. A user with the ADU Manager role can then create sub ADUs and move Teams and Users to them, thereby segmenting the data into separate divisions.

To enable ADUs, you must grant at least 1 the ADU Manager role. This role provides access to the ADU configuration page, and grants access to data across all ADUs as well as making changes to the ADU structure. Please refer to this article, to find steps on how to assign a user with an ADU manager role.

In addition to this, you must also confirm the name of the root ADU, by default it will display the Domain name as the Root ADU, but you have the ability to change this.

Please ensure you are happy with the name of the ADU’s you specify as you will not be able to edit them once you have clicked ‘Enable ADU’s’.

ADU’s can be managed and configured within Configuration > ADUs or from the ADU Administration page

Creating ADUs

ADUs can only be created by users with the ADU MAnager role.

This can be done from the HR Manager > Employee Directory > ADUs page. To create a new ADU, click the + icon to the left of the ADU which the new ADU should be created under.

Once you click on the + button, you should then receive a dialog box which will request you to add the ADU name and description as well as where you wish to locate the ADU:


Please note that ADU Names must begin with a letter, and contain only alphanumeric, period or hyphen characters.

How to disable ADU’s?

If you no longer wish to use ADU’s, then you are able to disable this within the Configuration > ADU page.

By disabling ADU’s, you will be making the following changes:

  • You will be deleting all ADU structures
  • All data will now be accessible by any user with the HR Manager role regardless of current ADU.
  • All ADU manager roles will be revoked

Please note that this process cannot be undone.

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