Appogee HR: Configuring profile

Appogee HR is configurable to allow you to customise for your business. Choose what information you store about your employees and how this is categorised in the Employee Profile, Records and Company Documents. Access Role security can be set at both a field and category level.


  1. Employee Profile Categories
  2. Document categories
  3. Company Documents

What are Employee Profile Categories?

Employee Profiles consist of Profile Categories which contain profile fields and employee records.

A Profile Field is a data item related to an employee. For example Work Telephone Number is a Profile Field and it can contain data such as "01668 549 257".

You can find more information about how to add or edit an employee profile here

What are document categories?

Company documents are organised by Document Categories. Document Categories can be configured by users who have the Admin role from the CONFIGURATION sections of the application.

You can find more information on how to configure document categories here

What are company documents?

Company Documents refer to files, Links or Notes that are shared at the company level, these can also be restricted to specific Teams. 

You can find more information about this here

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