Appogee HR: Alerts

Appogee HR provides several ways of alerting its users based on activity in the system. Alerts can be triggered based on user events, or time based. When an alert is raised, it is shown on the user’s My HR Dashboard page, the Actions & Notifications page, as well as an email sent to the user. Team Managers and HR Managers can also view alerts for the employees they are configured to manage from their Actions & Notifications pages.

Appogee HR has 2 types of alert:

  1. Actions
  2. Notifications


Actions are triggered automatically from Appogee HR, and cannot be manually configured. When an action is assigned to a user, they must complete a task before the action is dismissed. Appogee HR currently supports 3 types of actions:

1. Checklist Action

Assigned to a user when a checklist is assigned to them. The user must complete the checklist, in order for the action to be dismissed.

2. Record / Document Acknowledgement

Assigned to a user when they have been assigned a Record or Document Acknowledgement request. The user must acknowledge the document in question to dismiss the action.

3. Record / Document Review

Assigned to a user when they are due to review a Record or Document. They must review the document to dismiss the action.


Notifications are customly configured by users of the system. These differ to Actions, in that there is no specific task associated with them, and they may be manually dismissed at any time. Notifications can be configured from 3 places in Appogee HR:

1. Notifications

Users with the HR Manager role can configure notifications to be triggered and assigned to specific users in accordance with various dates in the system. Notifications can be triggered based on any date field found on Employee Profiles, including custom date fields, as well as the 2 date fields found on Employee Records and Company Documents. Notifications can be configured from the Reporting -> Notifications page. For detailed documentation on generic notifications, please refer to this article.

2.Checklist Templates & Checklists

Notifications can be configured on Checklist Templates, which are used as the default values on Checklists when they are assigned. During Checklist Assignments, the default notifications can be changed as required for that particular checklist. Notifications available for Checklists are:

  • On Assignment
  • On Completion
  • On, or relative to Due Date

3. Employee Records / Company Documents

Notifications can be configured on individual records or documents. Notifications available for Employee Records / Company Documents are:

  • Document is Acknowledged
  • Document is Acknowledged with a comment
  • Document is fully Acknowledged
  • On, or relative to Review Date
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