Appogee HR : Upgrading from Appogee Leave to Appogee HR

This can only be configured by a user with an administrator role.

For information on how to get started with Appogee HR, please click here.

Please note, when you upgrade to Appogee HR from Appogee Leave, all user configuration and registration will be done in Appogee HR. There will be a redirection to Appogee HR, when an attempt to configure or register a user is done in Appogee Leave.


It is possible to upgrade from the Appogee Leave system, to the full Appogee HR system by simply using the configuration tab. This can only be accessed when you are logged into the system as an administrator.

Under the license tab, there is a box with a redirection link.

Once this link has been clicked, you will be redirected to the Appogee HR login page.

Once you login to the system, you will be able to set up the wizard for your Appogee HR trial. You can also have the opportunity to purchase a full license once the wizard is setup.

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