Appogee HR: List Items

Please note that only users with the Administrator role will have access to Configuration > List items. 

What are list items?

List items are the values that appear in the drop down lists. You are able to select a list to modify an existing list in this configuration page. 

How to modify an existing list?

To modify an existing list, you will be required to select a list from the dropdown menu. You will be presented with two types of Lists:

  • Default Lists: These are the pre-defined list
  • Custom Lists: These are the lists you have created within the Employee Profile Configuration

You can make the following modification to the drop down list:

  • Add New value
  • Delete/restore a value
  • Sort the list view

If you deleted a value, but now wish to restore the list value then you can click on the restore button as shown in the screenshot below:

You can also sort the list view, either by item name or manually.

Manual sort allows you to move the list values to the position you require, by allowing you to drag and drop each value field.


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