Appogee HR: How to move data between ADUs?

ADUs are designed to represent divisions within your company. However, when ADUs are first enabled, you will need to move data (Teams, in particular) to the relevant ADU. It is suggested that when your ADU/Team structure has been configured, that moving data between ADUs is kept to a minimum.

The ADU Management tool allows users with the ADU Manager role to move data between ADUs. The ADU Management tool can be accessed by clicking on the ADU Manager button found on the HR Manager > Employee Directory > ADUs page.

The ADU Management tool allows the following data to be moved to different ADUs:

  • Teams - moves a team, and all of it’s members to a different ADU
  • Employees - moves an employee to a different team located in a different ADU
  • Company Documents - moves a Company Document to a different ADU


In order to provide the most flexibility, Appogee HR allows data defined at a higher ADU to be inherited down the hierarchy. This has various rules, and understanding these rules will help with configuring ADUs within Appogee HR.

There are 5 main rules:

    1. A user’s ADU is determined according to the Team they are a member of
    2. The managers and/or approvers assigned to a Team or Virtual Team must be from the same ADU, or any parent.
    3. Company Documents are inherited down the ADU hierarchy
    4. *A user can be assigned to any Employment Profile from the same ADU, or any parent
    5. *A user can be assigned any Virtual Team from the same ADU, or any parent

   *Employment profiles and Virtual Teams exist in Appogee Leave only. 

To begin moving data, you must select the type of data you wish to move, and the ADU from which data currently resides in (i.e. the source ADU):

Once you have selected the data you wish to move, you can then click on the 'next' button to then select the destination ADU:

Once you have specified the destination ADU, the next step will be the validation checks. This section will check to see if there's any issues with making this data move and will provide you with information of what data is failing the validation. You will receive the following message if the validation fails:

You will receive a validation error, due to the following:

  1. If a team member is a manager of a team which is not accessible for the destination ADU
  2. If a team member is an owner of a company document which is not accessible for the destination ADU
  3. If a team member is in an employment profile which is not accessible by the destination ADU.

Once the validation has passed, you will receive the following message:

By clicking on 'confirm move', the data will then be moved from the source ADU to the destination ADU specified.

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