Appogee HR: Notifications

Please note that only an HR manager has access to create notifications

Users with the HR Manager role can configure notifications to be triggered and assigned to specific users in accordance with various events and dates in the system. Notifications can be triggered based on any date field found on Employee Profiles, including custom date fields, as well as the 2 date fields found on Employee Records and Company Documents.

Notifications can be configured from the Reporting -> Notifications page:

How to configure notifications?

To configure a new notification, you will need to specify the following information:

  • Trigger:- The field which the notification will be triggered on
  • Notify who:- Who you wish to notify i.e. receive an notification & email.
  • Notification Email Message:- Enter the email message you wish to send the user who will be notified 

Example: Employee Birthday reminder

Once you have configured the notification, click save. Using the above example, if an employee's date of birth is 02/07/1989 then on the 01/07 each year the Employee's HR manager will receive an notification of this event. 

What is Repeat Annually? This feature allows you to get notified of the event once every year.

How does the user get notified?

When the notification is triggered, the user(s) who are to be notified will be able to see this notification on their dashboard. Please note that notifications can be dismissed at any time.


As well as this, they will also receive an email of this notification.

You can dismiss ALL notifications from the dashboard, by clicking on the icon shown in the following screenshot

How do I delete a notification?

Notifications can be deleted by a HR manager, by clicking on the delete button. Please be aware that you cannot restore a deleted notification. 

You can find more information about the different types of alerts from Appogee HR here: Appogee HR: Alerts

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