I want to limit who can see Appogee HR in the Google apps launcher.

The super admin of the Google Admin console, can specify which organizations will be able to access Appogee HR in the apps launcher, by undertaking these steps in the Google Admin Console (admin.google.com).


Please click on 'Apps'.

Please click on 'Marketplace Apps'.

Please click on Appogee HR and check the availability status. In the example the availability states that the app is 'on for everyone' in the apps launcher. To modify the availability, please click on the three dots.

Now you can edit the availability, to 'Off' or 'On for some organizations'. In this instance we are going to select for the availability to be on for some organizations.

Select which organizations you would like to access the Appogee HR app in the app launcher, then click 'Apply' to save the changes.

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