How do I back date carried over leave?

This can only be accessed by HR Managers and Administrators.


When a user is added to the Appogee Leave system, the carry over leave for the previous years that the user was not on the system, does not get backdated.


For example if a user was added to the system in 2016, but their employee start date is defined as 2013. Even with no leave taken from 2013 to 2016, the system will not adjust the allowance to include carry over until the next leave year. 

However the workaround this will be to manually adjust the user allowance by undertaking the following steps :


1. Click on the HR ADMIN tab, then the user profile.


2. In the user profile, please click on the Allowances tab.


3. Click on the Edit button.

4. Now you may adjust the fields, as necessary. In this example the Carried Over leave will be adjusted.

5. The fields relating to the changed data will now be automatically updated. Click the Save Changes button, once you are happy with the adjustment.

6. Please specify a reason for the adjustment. This will be displayed in the audit of the allowances, for future reference.

7. The user allowance will now be updated with the new changes.

8. The changes will be displayed in the audit log of the user allowance.

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