Appogee HR: Configuring Appogee HR Using The Setup Wizard

Sign up to Appogee HR by using one of the three login methods (Google apps login, Microsoft office 365 login or using a username and password) using your business domain. For this example a Google Apps one click login will be used.

Once logged into the system, you can click on the “start setup” button to start the configuration of the setup wizard.

Please fill in the company profile form making sure all information is correct and up to date, as this will be our means of communication.


Various team calendars will displayed in the drop down box for selection. As this user is logged in with a Google Apps account, the Google calendar selection will be chosen.

This system requires an IT Administrator and also a HR Manager. This can be the same person. For convenience check the “same as IT Administrator” box, if the person is the same, so that the HR Manage values will auto fill. Once completed please move on to the next step by clicking “next”.

Please read through all the information pages provided and click “next”. This will give you a more detailed information about the system in order to provide the correct information for step 3 of the wizard.

Step 3 allows you to create your first team. Once you type in the details, the graphical organisation chart on the right will auto fill.

Once your team is made, you can then make sub teams and assign managers to each. For convenience the employees in your domain can be selected from the drop down menu.

Employees can now be added to the teams provided. For convenience you can select an employee from the drop down menu. Please make sure all employees belong to your domain, as this is a systems requirement.

Once your teams are created and employees are assigned to each team, you can select whether the employees are allowed self service  or not. Self service grants the employee's authorization to read or amend their profiles.

The month that the calendar start date can be selected from the drop down box. This will be the leave year start month for your company.

The working hours page can then be edited. Default values are in place, but can be amended. Once the working day end and start times for the morning and afternoon are provided, the system will automatically calculate the working hours.

The leave allowance can then be configured by selecting the leave type. Once the allowance days are input, the system will automatically calculate the allowance hours and vice versa.

Now your leave allowance has been configured you can assign it to an employment profile name

Step 5 allows customization of date format, time zone and theme colours by using the drop down menus provided to change each. A company logo can also be uploaded onto your system by selecting the upload checkbox and browsing the file of your computer to upload the file.

The setup wizard is now complete after 5 easy steps. A welcome email can be sent to employees with their login details and URL link to the system if the “send welcome email” checkbox is ticked.

The wizard is now configured by Appogee HR and you are ready to begin having full access rights of the system. Please refer to the getting started section for further assistance.


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