Appogee HR: How do I add/delete items in a drop down list?

This can only be configured by Administrators.

If you want to add or delete items in a drop down menu, this can be configured by undertaking the following steps:

1. In Appogee HR, please click on the 'Configuration' tab. Then click on 'List Items'.


2. Please select the list that you want to edit.

3. If you want to add an item, please type the name in the text box provided and then click on the green button (as shown).

4. Once you have added all the items, please save the changes made.

5. If you want to delete an item, please click on the delete icon associated with that item*.

6. If you made an error in your selection of deleted items, you can use the refresh icon to restore this item.

7. Once you click on save changes, all items selected for deletion will now be deleted and saved.


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