Error when deleting a team.

Deleting a team with members:


If you delete a team that has no members (as below), but you get an error stating the team cannot be deleted because it still has members, this may be because the team still has former users in it.

In order to establish which former members are still in a team please got to Appogee HR > HR MANAGER > Employee Directory. Please remove these users from the team and then the team can be deleted.



Deleting a team with children :


If you try to delete a team and you see the error stating that you cannot delete a team with children (see below). This is because the team you wish to delete, is a parent team. To establish the hierarchical structure of this team (parent and child), please refer to the 'Org Chart'.



Once you have established which of the teams are children teams, please change the parent of these teams to another team, so that you may delete the team.

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